Fire & Safety Services

Commonly in factories, employer is not solely dependent on his facility management team to tackle with uncertain events like fire burst during emergency situations.

Fire safety audit is an effective tool for assessing fire standards of an organization. It helps management team to identify the areas of improvement and evolve an action plan.

SCISSPL highlights these fire deficiencies and put in notice to the management team for rectification.

Our professional team trains our security personnel to combat emergency situations like fire burst and handling safety aids.

Before one proceed to control the fire burst, it is very important to know the types of fire.

Battling fire in hot and smoky conditions is at times unsafe and unhealthy.

With proper training and expertise in the RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS our well trained security personnel controls the broken fire with ease.


• Situation Awareness

• Hazard Assessment

• Hazard Control

• Decision Point

• Evaluate

Once the fire took place Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, Safety Zones (LCES) becomes the key to safe procedures for firefighters. The elements of LCES form a safety system used by firefighters to protect themselves and work as a team with others.